Connecting The Dots .... My Adoption Journey

"Very thought provoking work! Cindy shares her own experiences in her journey incorporating the Core 7 in a way I have never seen"

About me

I am an adoptee and an adoptive mom

It was such an aha moment when I came upon the 7 core issues.

If you do not know about The 7 Core Issues in Adoption I will add some links to help you get a better understanding of them

For myself – I had been feeling things and had some words to describe them but learning about the Core 7 helped me to label my emotions, share them with others and begin a deeper understanding of myself

Then as a parent I have been able to teach and guide my children to understand their own journey’s

But this book is really about my journey

We can theorize the Core issues, but in this book, I share how I have actually lived through these issues

I share this with all of you in hopes that others don’t feel so alone in their thoughts, that it might bring some understanding to their own journeys or provide some conversations about the core issues

I think being vulnerable brings healing and health

That is my wish for all who read my story